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Modal DropDowns

DevExpress ASP.NET MVC DropDown Editors (DateEditExtension, ComboBoxExtension, DropDownEditExtension) can switch to modal mode (SettingsAdaptivity.Mode = OnWindowInnerWidth) when the browser's width less than the specified value (SwitchToModalAtWindowInnerWidth). The DropDownEditBaseAdaptivitySettings (for the DateEditExtension and ComboBoxExtension) and DropDownEditAdaptivitySettings (for the DropDownEditExtension) objects provide settings used to customize drop-down editors in adaptivity mode.

  • Mode - Specifies the adaptivity mode.
  • SwitchToModalAtWindowInnerWidth - Specifies the maximum browser window width when an editor’s drop-down is switched to modal mode.
  • ModalDropDownCaption - Specifies the drop-down editor’s caption.
  • ShowInputInModalDropDown (for the DropDownEditExtension only) - Specifies whether the DropDownEditExtension displays the input editor in the drop-down window.