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The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Token Box editor provides the ability to auto complete values from a predefined list. An end-user can select a value from the dropdown window list or type it manually. This demo illustrates the main features available to you when using the TokenBox editor.

Use the items on the right to modify individual property values and see the result in the editor. The descriptions of the utilized properties are listed below.

Properties.AllowCustomTokens – specifies whether or not the tokens, which are not contained in the bound data source, can be specified in the editor.

Properties.ShowDropDownOnFocus – controls the dropdown window visibility when the editor is focused. The available values are listed below.

  • Always – the dropdown window is always displayed when the editor is focused.
  • Never – the dropdown window is never displayed.

Properties.IncrementalFilteringMode – specifies which of the filtering mode is applied to the editor dropdown window items.

  • Contains – the editor is filtered for list items that contain the typed search string.
  • StartsWith – the editor is filtered for list items that begin with the typed search string.
  • None – filtering is not applied to editor list items.

Start typing in the token box to invoke the dropdown window containing the appropriate values. To remove a value from the editor, click the corresponding item delete button.

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