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Binary Image


The original image file size is 328KB (1200 x 900 px), the resized image file size is KB for ().

This demo illustrates the BinaryImage editor's ability to resize and crop images on the server side.

The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC BinaryImage editor is able to display images from a binary stream. The editor content (an array of bytes) can be accessed by the ContentBytes property.

You can specify a height (Height) and width (Width) of the displayed image. By default the image is sent to the server side in original size and resized by a browser. Setting the Properties.EnableServerResize property to true enables image resizing on the server size. In this use-case, you can specify how an image fits the specified sizes, using the Properties.ImageSizeMode property. The server resizing allows to reduce the amount of data sent to the client side.

The BinaryImage editor allows end-users to upload images to the server. By default this feature is disabled, set the Properties.EditingSettings.Enabled property to true to enable it. You can try this functionality in the Binary Image Column Editing demo.