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Unobtrusive Client Validation

Cannot be “admin”, cannot contain spaces
Must be between 18 and 100
E.g. +1 (789) 555-1234
Must be a valid email

What is "Unobtrusive Client Validation"? See the following blog post to learn how unobtrusive client validation works: Unobtrusive Client Validation in ASP.NET MVC 3.

This demo illustrates how user input can be easily validated using an unobtrusive ASP.NET MVC validation approach. DevExpress MVC extensions can be seamlessly integrated into the ASP.NET MVC validation infrastructure.

DevExpress MVC Editors have their own container for displaying validation error messages, which can be enabled via the ShowModelErrors property. This container allows you to manipulate validation messages more flexibly, then via the standard Html.ValidationMessageFor helper. You can control how errors should be displayed within editors by using settings exposed via the editor ValidationSettings property, such as ValidationSettings.ErrorDisplayMode.

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