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Large Database (Server Mode)

To start filtering, enter symbols into the editor's text box.

This demo illustrates how to use the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC ComboBox in Database Server Mode. In this mode, the editor automatically creates requests to a data table and loads only the required data to the server memory.

Do the following actions to enable Database Server Mode for the ComboBox extension:

  1. Use the CallbackRouteValues method to specify the editor's callback routing logic.
  2. Use the BindToLINQ/BindToEF methods to bind the editor to data.

In this demo, the CallbackPageSize property allows you to control the number of records the editor loads on the client on each request. In this case, the control sends a callback to the server when a user scrolls or filters the editor.

Note that the control generates SQL requests automatically. Refer to the Custom Data Binding demo that illustrates how to implement custom logic for data loading.