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Section 508/WCAG Compliance

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DevExpress ASP.NET MVC extensions can help you create web pages that conform to accessibility guidelines. Most our extensions implement the AccessibilityCompliant property, which allows more accessible markup to be generated for the extensions. Please review the Section 508 and Accessibility and Accessibility Support topics to learn more.

This demo illustrates how to make navigation extensions (Menu, PopupMenu, NavBar, TreeView) more accessible for end-users. In this demo, the extensions operate in an accessible way (the AccessibilityCompliant property is enabled). Unfortunately, TreeView is not fully accessible according to the Section 508 and WCAG guidelines: a screen reader does not pronounce nodes level and can’t expand/collapse nodes.

To check the accessibility level of the extensions used in the demo, run the WAVE or W3C automated web accessibility evaluation tool. In addition, you can enable the High Contrast mode to make sure the demo is rendered correctly in this mode.

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