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Client-Side Events

  • Collapse
    • Associative array
    • Multimap
    • Set
    • Multiset
    • Hash table
  • Collapse
    • Double-ended queue
    • Linked list
    • Queue
    • Stack
    • Circular queue/buffer

Trace Events:

This demo traces all client-side events available in the DevExpress MVC TreeView.

Client-side events are triggered in response to specific user actions performed on the client side (in particular, when clicking nodes or changing their expanded state). Client-side event handlers represent code written in JavaScript. In order to handle a client-side event, a property is provided via ClientSideEvents, accepting either code handling directly or the name of a handling function.

In this demo, the following client events are traced by default:

  • Init. Occurs after the TreeView has been initialized, but prior to it being displayed within the browser.
  • ExpandedChanging and ExpandedChanged. Fires before and after a node's expansion state has been changed.
  • CheckedChanged. Fires after a node's checked state has been changed.
  • NodeClick. Fires after a node has been clicked.

You can toggle options to specify whether corresponding client-side events are traced.