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Right to Left Layout

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Our visual controls provide support for right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. Thus, you can completely rely on our web controls when creating international web pages that include support for right-to-left reading order, and the mirroring of UI elements.

To switch a control to right-to-left display, enable a single property - RightToLeft. When this property is enabled, the text flows from right to left in the control, and the control itself is mirrored (the layout of the UI elements is reversed).

If you need to apply right-to-left representation to all DevExpress web controls within your web application, you can enable our special configuration option within the Web.config file, instead of changing each control's RightToLeft property. This special option is the rightToLeft option, which can be accessed within the 'settings' group of the devExpress section in the Web.config file.