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Multiple Invoker Elements

image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4
To invoke a popup window, move the mouse cursor over one of the thumbnail images.

ASPxPopupControl allows you to specify several web controls or HTML elements whose specific mouse action (defined via the PopupAction property) invokes a popup window. The list of invoker element IDs, which are separated by a semicolon (;), can be set from the PopupElementID property.

Using the ASPxPopupControl client-side functionality, you can perform the following actions with invoker elements.

  • Specify elements that invoke a popup window.
  • Get the current invoker element.
  • Show a popup window for a specified element in a list.

In this demo, ASPxPopupControl is linked to four elements – images. When you hover over an image, the client-side PopUp event is invoked. In the event handler, the popup control gets the current invoker element via the client-side GetCurrentPopupElement method, and displays the corresponding large image as window content.

You can also try this functionality in the ASPxPopupControl - How to define multiple invoker elements on the client to implement image zooming for a set of images example.