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Client-Side Functionality


This example demonstrates how to manipulate a popup control programmatically on the client side using our extended client-side functionality. The client-side programmatic interface is available if the EnableClientSideAPI property is set to true, or if there is a handler assigned to any client-side event.

In this demo, each popup control window is identified using its Name property. In order to obtain a specific popup window by its name on the client side, the GetWindowByName method is used. A specific popup window can be invoked or hidden on the client side by using the ShowWindow or HideWindow method. (See the SetHintVisible function in the JS code.)

In order to show or hide a default window, the Show or Hide method can be used. (See the SetErrorVisible function in the JS code.)

The SetContentHtml method is used in this demo to display the HTML code representing the default popup window's content. (See the SetErrorString function in the JS code.) The content of a specific popup window can be obtained on the client side via the GetWindowContentHtml method, and defined via the SetWindowContentHtml method.