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Click here to invoke a popup window

This example demonstrates the use of the template technology within the ASPxPopupControl. The look of header and footer elements of a popup control's window can be completely modified by creating a specific template that defines how the corresponding window element will be rendered by a client browser.

The template types provided by the ASPxPopupControl and supplemented with the ability to define the contents of the control's window (by using the Controls property or the client SetWindowContentHtml method) allow you to completely customize the popup window's appearance and layout. In this demo, the default popup window functionality is enhanced by specific Help and Close buttons placed in the window's header by using a HeaderTemplate type template. The FooterTemplate type template is used to define the color palette (which allows the background color of the window's content to be changed) and display text (which is displayed or hidden dynamically in response to a click on the Help button).