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Header Buttons

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Header buttons visibility

The DevExpress ASP.NET Popup Control (ASPxPopupControl) provides the ability to display special buttons in its header.

  • Pin button – Allows end-users to pin and unpin a window.
  • Refresh button – Allows end-users to refresh window content.
  • Collapse button – Allows end-users to collapse and expand a window.
  • Maximize button – Allows end-users to maximize and restore a window.
  • Close button – Allows end-users to close a window.

The header only displays the Close button by default. You can manage button visibility using corresponding properties: ShowPinButton, ShowRefreshButton, ShowCollapseButton, ShowMaximizeButton, and ShowCloseButton.

Use the check boxes on the right of the page to switch button visibility and try the buttons in action.