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Load Content on Demand

Show Popup Window

The ASPxPopupControl has the capability to load the content of popup windows on demand. Several content loading modes are available from the following settings of the LoadContentViaCallback property.

  • None - The content is always (initially) rendered inside popup windows (the default behavior).
  • OnPageLoad - The loading of popup window content starts immediately after the entire page has loaded.
  • OnFirstShow - The loading of popup window content starts when a popup window is invoked for the first time.

Using a postponed load of popup window content, you can enhance the response time of your web page on its initial load. You can also update the content of popup windows programmatically, on demand.

Note that in this example, we intentionally pause callback processing on the server side for a second, in order to make the 'Loading Panel' visible during this time.

Local Copy of this Demo
To inspect the source code for this demo on your machine, you must first install our components via the DevExpress Component Installer.
You can open a local copy of this online demo directly from this webpage (if using v20.2.8, 21.1.4 or higher).
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The source code files for this demo are installed (by default) in the following directories:
\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos XX.X\Components\ASP.NET\CS\ASPxDockAndPopupsDemos
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