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External Filter for GridView

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Product Name 
Category Name 
Company Name 
Contact Name 
Unit Price 
Units In Stock 
ChaiBeveragesExotic LiquidsCharlotte Cooper$18.0039$702.00
ChangBeveragesExotic LiquidsCharlotte Cooper$19.0017$323.00
Guaraná FantásticaBeveragesRefrescos Americanas LTDACarlos Diaz$4.5020$90.00
Sasquatch AleBeveragesBigfoot BreweriesCheryl Saylor$14.00111$1,554.00
Steeleye StoutBeveragesBigfoot BreweriesCheryl Saylor$18.0020$360.00
Côte de BlayeBeveragesAux joyeux ecclésiastiquesGuylène Nodier$263.5017$4,479.50
Chartreuse verteBeveragesAux joyeux ecclésiastiquesGuylène Nodier$18.0069$1,242.00
Ipoh CoffeeBeveragesLeka TradingChandra Leka$46.0017$782.00
Laughing Lumberjack LagerBeveragesBigfoot BreweriesCheryl Saylor$14.0052$728.00
Outback LagerBeveragesPavlova, Ltd.Ian Devling$15.0015$225.00
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This demo illustrates a stand-alone Filter Control that emulates the functionality of the built-in Filter Control.

In this demo, to apply the filter, click the Apply button. This calls the ASPxFilterControl's client Apply method. When applied, the filter control's Applied client-side event is handled to filter the data of the ASPxGridView.

Use checkboxes displayed above the Filter Control to customize its functionality.

  • The Enable text tab checkbox (sets the ViewMode property) specifies the visibility of the text filter expression editor.
  • The Allow hierarchical columns checkbox (sets the allowHierarchicalColumns parameter of the BindToSource method) specifies if the Filter Control can display hierarchical columns.