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Masked Input

Mask = 00000
ErrorText = "Please input missing digits"

Mask = +1 (999) 000-0000
IncludeLiterals = None
Value =

Mask = $<0..99999g>.<00..99>
IncludeLiterals = DecimalSymbol
Value =

UseMaskBehavior = True

Mask = <HOME|*BUSINESS>->aaaa-aaaa
ShowHints = True

DevExpress editors allow you to use masks during editing. Masks are useful when a string entered by an end-user should match a specific format. For instance, you may require a text editor to only accept date/time values in a 24-hour format, only accept numeric values, or only accept numbers that are automatically inserted into the placeholders of a telephone number.

Masked input is supported by the following editor types:

In this demo, see how masked input behavior is implemented by entering data into the various types of editors.

See also: Documentation - Mask Types

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You can open a local copy of this online demo directly from this webpage (if using v20.2.8, 21.1.4 or higher).
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