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This demo illustrates the Candlestick view for a series.

The Candle-Stick view displays financial data sets (with Open-High-Low-Close values) and stock price variation over the course of a day.

Each series point consists of a rectangle with top and bottom values that correspond to the opening and closing prices of a stock. The top of the vertical thin line above the rectangle and the bottom of the line below it represent high and low stock prices.

You can select which value point labels are shown (the LabelLevel option) and choose the value used to determine the reduction in price (the ReductionLevel property). If the current value is less than its previous value, the point is displayed in Red. If the value is greater than its previous value, the point is shown in Black.

In this demo, use the SkipRangesWithoutPoints option to exclude all x-axis ranges that do not have points.