Total: 146.97M km²Russia: 12 %Canada: 7 %USA: 7 %China: 7 %Brazil: 6 %Australia: 5 %India: 2 %Others: 55 %Area of CountriesFrom www.nationmaster.comRussia: 12 %Canada: 7 %USA: 7 %China: 7 %Brazil: 6 %Australia: 5 %India: 2 %Others: 55 %
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This demo shows the series' Pie View, which is used to compare percentage values of different point arguments in the same series.

In this demo, you're able to change pie labels visibility and position, as well as to specify whether real values are shown for each point label or for the corresponding percentage.

Also, you may choose which pie slices should be exploded. For this, either use the Exploded Points drop-down list, or manually click on the required pie slice within a chart, and it will be dynamically exploded or imploded using callbacks.