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The DevAV Sales by Regions chart showing 2018 series, 2019 series, 2020 series.
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This demo shows the 3D Bar series view.

This view is also called the 3D Side-by-Side Bar View, and is useful for showing the values of several series for the same points arguments.

In this view the bars height indicates how much the values of one series differ from the values of another series at the same point.

In this demo, you're able to change the visibility of point labels, and enable the top facet for flat-top 3D models by using the corresponding check boxes.

To choose a 3D model used to draw series points, and to change the view’s transparency value, use the corresponding drop-down lists.

In addition, you can use the Perspective Angle and Zoom Percent drop-down lists, to adjust the visual representation of the view.