3D Side-by-Side Stacked Bar

The Population: Age Structure chart showing Male: 0-14 years series, Male: 15-64 years series, Male: 65 years and older series, Female: 0-14 years series, Female: 15-64 years series, Female: 65 years and older series.
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This demo shows the 3D Side-by-Side Stacked Bar series view.

This view allows you to stack series having a similar StackedGroup property value into the same bars. So, this view combines advantages of both the Side-by-Side Bar and Stacked Bar view types.

In this demo, you can group series either by sex or age.

To choose a 3D model used to draw series points, and to change the view’s transparency value, use the corresponding drop-down lists.

In addition, you can use the Perspective Angle and Zoom Percent drop-down lists, to adjust the visual representation of the view.