Side-by-Side Full-Stacked Bar

The Population: Age Structure chart showing Male: 0-14 years series, Male: 15-64 years series, Male: 65 years and older series, Female: 0-14 years series, Female: 15-64 years series, Female: 65 years and older series.
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This demo shows the Side-by-Side Full Stacked Bar view that allows you to visualize data as individual bars, stacked by groups. An argument combines these groups. These bars are normalized to fill the plot area’s height. This view is useful when comparing point values as a part of the total group value.

You can group series either by sex or age, enable series point labels (Show Labels option) and total series labels (Show Total Labels option). In addition, you can choose whether the labels reflect the real values, or percentages (using the Value as Percent check box).