Tornado Chart

United StatesBrazilRussiaJapanMexicoGermanyUnited Kingdom1801501209060300306090120150180Population (Millions)Population: Age StructureData estimate for 2020From www.cia.gov163.9 M104.2 M65.6 M60.8 M63 M39.3 M32.8 M168.7 M107.5 M76.2 M64.7 M65.6 M40.8 M33.0 MFemale: 0-14 yearsFemale: 15-64 yearsFemale: 65 years and olderMale: 0-14 yearsMale: 15-64 yearsMale: 65 years and older
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This demo shows how to use the Stacked Bar series view and customize the chart options to create a Tornado Chart.

In this example, a calculated field is used to apply the negative sign to point values. As a result, the “Male” Stacked Bar Series points are displayed on the left, and labels show the original “Population” field value.