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CollapseJohnson Residence Construction Project1/1/20204/30/2020
 CollapsePlanning and Pre-Construction Phase1/1/20201/18/2020
   Architectural Design and Site Planning1/1/20201/15/2020
   Engineering and Final Blueprint1/8/20201/15/2020
   City Permits and Contracts1/15/20201/18/2020
 CollapseConstruction Phase1/18/20204/9/2020
   Grading and Excavation1/18/20201/22/2020
   Demolition and Removal1/19/20201/23/2020
   Foundation and Concrete1/22/20201/29/2020
   Rough Framing and Carpentery1/25/20202/5/2020
   Inspection (Structure)2/5/20202/5/2020
   Electrical Rough-in2/6/20202/19/2020
   Plumbing Rough-in2/19/20202/19/2020
   Heating and A/C2/19/20202/26/2020
   Painting (Exterior)3/7/20203/21/2020
   Interior Carpentery (Interior)3/17/20203/29/2020
   Flooring and Interior Paint3/26/20204/9/2020
 CollapseFinal Phase4/9/20204/30/2020
   Review-Punch List4/9/20204/23/2020
   Final Inspection4/24/20204/24/2020
   Final Paperwork and Documents4/24/20204/30/2020

The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Gantt (GanttExtension) allows you to validate relationships between tasks and handle errors. Set the EnableDependencyValidation property to true to enable task validation.

The Gantt control supports the following dependency validation rules:

  • Finish to Start (FS) - A successor task's start point should equal the preceding task's end point.
  • Start to Start (SS) - Successor and predecessor tasks should begin at the same time.
  • Finish to Finish (FF) - Successor and predecessor tasks should end at the same time.
  • Start to Finish (SF) - A successor task's end point should equal a preceding task's start point.

The Gantt control also has the AutoUpdateParentTasks property that enables validation for parent&child relationships:

  • A parent task's duration equals a summary duration of its child tasks.
  • A parent task and its first child starts at the same time.
  • A parent task and its last child ends at the same time.
  • A parent task's progress is a summary progress of its child tasks.

The control processes changes in task values before they are saved to a database. The control displays a popup window with a list of available actions if an error can be handled in several ways.