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Start Date
Due Date
CollapseSoftware Development2/21/20247/4/2024
   Determine project scope2/21/20242/21/2024
   Secure project sponsorship2/21/20242/22/2024
   Define preliminary resources2/22/20242/25/2024
   Secure core resources2/25/20242/26/2024
   Scope complete2/26/20242/26/2024
 CollapseAnalysis/Software Requirements2/26/20243/18/2024
   Conduct needs analysis2/26/20243/5/2024
   Draft preliminary software specifications3/5/20243/8/2024
   Develop preliminary budget3/8/20243/12/2024
   Review software specifications/budget with team3/12/20243/12/2024
   Incorporate feedback on software specifications3/13/20243/13/2024
   Develop delivery timeline3/14/20243/14/2024
   Obtain approvals to proceed (concept, timeline, budget)3/15/20243/15/2024
   Secure required resources3/15/20243/18/2024
   Analysis complete3/18/20243/18/2024
   Review preliminary software specifications3/18/20243/20/2024
   Develop functional specifications3/20/20243/27/2024
   Develop prototype based on functional specifications3/27/20244/2/2024
   Review functional specifications4/2/20244/4/2024
   Incorporate feedback into functional specifications4/4/20244/5/2024
   Obtain approval to proceed4/5/20244/5/2024
   Design complete4/5/20244/5/2024
   Review functional specifications4/8/20244/8/2024
   Identify modular/tiered design parameters4/9/20244/9/2024
   Assign development staff4/10/20244/10/2024
   Develop code4/11/20245/1/2024
   Developer testing (primary debugging)4/16/20245/7/2024
   Development complete5/7/20245/7/2024
   Develop unit test plans using product specifications4/8/20244/11/2024
   Develop integration test plans using product specifications4/8/20244/11/2024
  CollapseUnit Testing5/7/20245/28/2024
    Review modular code5/7/20245/14/2024
    Test component modules to product specifications5/14/20245/16/2024
    Identify anomalies to product specifications5/16/20245/21/2024
    Modify code5/21/20245/24/2024
    Re-test modified code5/24/20245/28/2024
    Unit testing complete5/28/20245/28/2024
  CollapseIntegration Testing5/28/20246/13/2024
    Test module integration5/28/20246/4/2024
    Identify anomalies to specifications6/4/20246/6/2024
    Modify code6/6/20246/11/2024
    Re-test modified code6/11/20246/13/2024
    Integration testing complete6/13/20246/13/2024
   Develop training specifications for end users4/8/20244/10/2024
   Develop training specifications for helpdesk support staff4/8/20244/10/2024
   Identify training delivery methodology (computer based training, classroom, etc.)4/8/20244/9/2024
   Develop training materials5/7/20245/28/2024
   Conduct training usability study5/28/20246/3/2024
   Finalize training materials6/3/20246/6/2024
   Develop training delivery mechanism6/6/20246/10/2024
   Training materials complete6/10/20246/10/2024
   Develop Help specification4/8/20244/8/2024
   Develop Help system4/22/20245/13/2024
   Review Help documentation5/13/20245/16/2024
   Incorporate Help documentation feedback5/16/20245/20/2024
   Develop user manuals specifications4/8/20244/9/2024
   Develop user manuals4/22/20245/13/2024
   Review all user documentation5/13/20245/15/2024
   Incorporate user documentation feedback5/15/20245/17/2024
   Documentation complete5/20/20245/20/2024
   Identify test group3/18/20243/19/2024
   Develop software delivery mechanism3/19/20243/20/2024
   Install/deploy software6/13/20246/14/2024
   Obtain user feedback6/14/20246/21/2024
   Evaluate testing information6/21/20246/24/2024
   Pilot complete6/24/20246/24/2024
   Determine final deployment strategy6/24/20246/25/2024
   Develop deployment methodology6/25/20246/26/2024
   Secure deployment resources6/26/20246/27/2024
   Train support staff6/27/20246/28/2024
   Deploy software6/28/20247/1/2024
   Deployment complete7/1/20247/1/2024
 CollapsePost Implementation Review7/1/20247/4/2024
   Document lessons learned7/1/20247/2/2024
   Distribute to team members7/2/20247/3/2024
   Create software maintenance team7/3/20247/4/2024
   Post implementation review complete7/4/20247/4/2024
  Software development template complete7/4/20247/4/2024

DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Gantt extension allows you to export the contents of your Gantt to PDF. This demo allows you to apply the following built-in export and task filter options:

Export Options

  • Document format - Specifies document size.
  • Landscape orientation - Renders the PDF horizontally.
  • Export mode - Specifies Gantt regions to include within the exported document (chart area, tree list area, or the entire component).

Task Filter Options

  • Date range - Restricts data output against a specified date range.
  • Start task (index) - Restricts data output against the start task's index within an index range.
  • End task (index) - Restricts data output against the end task's index within an index range.
  • Start date - Restricts data output by start date.
  • End date - Restricts data output by end date.

Use the "Settings" toolbar item to invoke the Export Options popup window. Click the "Export" toolbar item to call the exportToPdf method (exports Gantt data with specified export options).

Local Copy of this Demo
To inspect the source code for this demo on your machine, you must first install our components via the DevExpress Component Installer.
You can open a local copy of this online demo directly from this webpage (if using v20.2.8, 21.1.4 or higher).
Open CS Solution
The source code files for this demo are installed (by default) in the following directory:
\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos XX.X\Components\ASP.NET\CS\MVCxGanttDemos