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Task Template

Start Date
Due Date
CollapseAnalysis/Software Requirements12/01/202212/28/2022
  Conduct needs analysis12/01/202212/03/2022
  Draft preliminary software specifications12/03/202212/05/2022
  Review software specifications/budget with team12/04/202212/06/2022
  Incorporate feedback on software specifications12/06/202212/08/2022
  Develop delivery timeline12/08/202212/14/2022
  Obtain approvals to proceed (concept, timeline, budget)12/14/202212/20/2022
  Draft preliminary software specifications12/20/202212/25/2022
  Secure required resources12/25/202212/28/2022

DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Gantt (GanttExtension) templates help customize the layout and appearance of individual task elements. Templates allow you to mix HTML code with any DevExpress ASP.NET MVC extension - and position desired elements within the container. In this demo, a template is used to display images within tasks and change their background color.

Implementation: Handle the client-side TaskShowing event to customize and align task information within the template container. For each task, use the e.item property to obtain task information (title, resource, progress) and wrap it into div elements. Then, apply CSS styles to these div elements and place them into the e.container property.

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