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Exporting Data

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CollapseCorporate Headquarters$1,000,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234
 CollapseSales and Marketing$22,000.00San Francisco(415) 555-1234
   Field Office: Canada$500,000.00Toronto(416) 677-1000
   Field Office: East Coast$500,000.00Boston(617) 555-4234
  ExpandPacific Rim Headquarters$600,000.00Kuaui(808) 555-1234
   Marketing$1,500,000.00San Francisco(415) 555-1234
  Finance$40,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234
 CollapseEngineering$1,100,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234
  ExpandConsumer Electronics Div.$1,150,000.00Burlington, VT(802) 555-1234
  ExpandSoftware Products Div.$1,200,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234

The TreeList extension allows you to export data to a file or stream in the following formats:

In this demo, use the following properties to specify the tree list's export settings:

  • ShowTreeButtons - Specifies whether the tree list buttons are displayed in an exported document.
  • ExpandAllNodes - Controls whether the tree list should be exported with all its nodes expanded regardless of their current expanded state.
  • AutoWidth - Automatically resizes the tree list to fit the printed page.