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Species Name
ExpandBluehead WrasseWrasseThalassoma bifasciatum
 Found in coral reefs, rocky flats, reef sand, and seagrass habitats. This is one of the most successful "cleaner fish" in the tropical West Atlantic. It feeds on the parasites of other fish, who come to the wrasse to be cleaned.Most bluehead wrasses are yellow. The head of the terminal-phase male (about 4% of the population) is blue.Edibility is poor.Range is large, ncluding both sides of the Atlantic, Bermuda, Bahamas, and Florida to Curacao, plus the Gulf of Mexico.
 Ornate ButterflyfishButterflyfishChaetodon Ornatissimus
 Normally seen in pairs around dense coral areas from very shallow to moderate depths. The butterflyfish feeds mainly on coral polyps and anemones.Edibility is poor.Range is Indo-Pacific from Sri Lanka to Polynesia.
 Surf SmeltSmeltHypomesus pretiosus
 Also called the day smelt because of the timing of its spawning runs. Inhabits the surf line, feeding on small fishes and invertebrates. Surf smelt ride a wave onto the beach, lay and fertilize their eggs, and catch a return wave to the sea. The fry hatch approximately two weeks later during high tide.This fish is a favorite among surf anglers. Edibility is good.Range is from Alaska to Southern California.

The TreeList extension provides a preview feature that allows each node to display a preview.

Preview areas allow large memo fields or custom data to be displayed across all the columns within the TreeList.

To enable the Preview feature, set the Settings.ShowPreview property to true.

You can specify the required data source field via the PreviewFieldName property to bind node previews to data.

Use the Styles.Preview property to access the style settings used to paint previews.

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