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Data Summary via Built-in Functions

CollapseCorporate HeadquartersMonterey$1,000,000.00
 CollapseSales and MarketingSan Francisco$22,000.00
   Field Office: CanadaToronto$500,000.00
   Field Office: East CoastBoston$500,000.00
  ExpandPacific Rim HeadquartersKuaui$600,000.00
   MarketingSan Francisco$1,500,000.00
   Count=6 Max=$1,500,000.00
  ExpandConsumer Electronics Div.Burlington, VT$1,150,000.00
  ExpandSoftware Products Div.Monterey$1,200,000.00
   Count=7 Max=$1,200,000.00
  Count=16 Max=$1,500,000.00
 Count=17 Max=$1,500,000.00

The TreeList enables you to calculate summary values for all values within a column or within a group of nodes, and display the result inside footer cells. The TreeList provides five built-in aggregate functions (count, max, min, etc.).

Summaries can be displayed within Footer or Group Footer cells. The TreeList allows multiple summaries to be displayed within individual footer or group footer cells.

For instance, in this demo, two summaries are displayed within the Budget column's footer cells. The first summary displays the maximum budget in this column and individual node groups (a tree branch). The second summary displays the sum of all values within the Budget column and individual node groups.

The Footer is displayed if the Settings.ShowFooter property is set to true. Group Footers are displayed if the Settings.ShowGroupFooter option is enabled.

The TreeList stores its summary items within the Summary collection.

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