Tree List - Data Shaping Resizing Columns

Column resizing mode:
Resizing visualization:
 Corporate Headquarters$1,000,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234(408) 555-1234
CollapseSales and Marketing$22,000.00San Francisco(415) 555-1234(415) 555-1234
  Finance$40,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234(408) 555-1234
  Engineering$1,100,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234(408) 555-1234
CollapseField Office: Canada$500,000.00Toronto(416) 677-1000(416) 555-1234
  Field Office: East Coast$500,000.00Boston(617) 555-4234(415) 555-1234
  Pacific Rim Headquarters$600,000.00Kuaui(808) 555-1234(808) 555-1234
  Marketing$1,500,000.00San Francisco(415) 555-1234(415) 555-1234
CollapseField Office: Singapore$300,000.00Singapore(606) 555-5486(606) 555-5786
  Field Office: Japan$500,000.00Tokyo(707) 555-1526(707) 555-5432
CollapseConsumer Electronics Div.$1,150,000.00Burlington, VT(802) 555-1234(802) 555-1234
  Software Products Div.$1,200,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234(408) 555-1234
 Software Development$40,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234(408) 555-1234
CollapseQuality Assurance$48,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234(408) 555-1234
  Customer Support$38,000.00Monterey(408) 555-1234(408) 555-1234
  Research and Development$460,000.00Burlington, VT(802) 555-1234(802) 555-1234
  Customer Services$850,000.00Burlington, VT(802) 555-1234(802) 555-1234

The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC TreeList extension provides complete control over column availability and individual column size. End-users can easily modify column width by resizing the appropriate column header. To resize the column, hover the right border of the column you wish to resize (so that it displays a double-sided arrow), and drag the column border.

You can access all settings related to column resizing using the SettingsResizing property. The SettingsResizing.ColumnResizeMode property specifies how the TreeList behaves when an end-user resizes a column. Use the Column resizing mode combo box to see how different property values affect resizing behavior.

The SettingsResizing.Visualization property defines how the column resizing process is visually indicated. Two modes are available.

  • In the Live mode, columns are redrawn dynamically during resizing.
  • In the Postponed mode, columns are redrawn only after the operation has been completed.
Version: v2016 vol 2.6
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