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Multiple Node Selection

CollapseCorporate Headquarters$1,000,000.00Monterey
 CollapseSales and Marketing$22,000.00San Francisco
   Field Office: Canada$500,000.00Toronto
   Field Office: East Coast$500,000.00Boston
  CollapsePacific Rim Headquarters$600,000.00Kuaui
    Field Office: Singapore$300,000.00Singapore
    Field Office: Japan$500,000.00Tokyo
   Marketing$1,500,000.00San Francisco
  CollapseConsumer Electronics Div.$1,150,000.00Burlington, VT
    Software Development$40,000.00Monterey
  CollapseSoftware Products Div.$1,200,000.00Monterey
    Quality Assurance$48,000.00Monterey
    Customer Support$38,000.00Monterey
    Research and Development$460,000.00Burlington, VT
    Customer Services$850,000.00Burlington, VT

To allow end-users to select nodes, enable the SettingsSelection.Enabled option. Nodes will display selection cells that contain check boxes. End-users can check or uncheck these check boxes to select or unselect the corresponding nodes.

To enable end-users to select all nodes displayed within the TreeList, set the SettingsSelection.AllowSelectAll property to true. This displays a check box within the column header panel used to select/de-select all nodes. In this demo, to show/hide this check box, use 'Show Select All check box'.

The TreeList supports recursive node selection, which is enabled by the SettingsSelection.Recursive option. When recursive selection is enabled:

  • a parent node is automatically selected, if all its child nodes are selected. Deselecting a child node automatically unselects its parent node(s);
  • selecting a parent node automatically selects all its children.

In this demo, use the 'Recursive' check box to enable/disable recursive selection.