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Dynamic Content

In the DevExpress ASP.NET Core Rich Text Editor, document fields are special placeholders for non-static data that might change (be updated on field update). These placeholders are replaced with actual data when the document is rendered for display or print. Using fields, you can automate different aspects of your document, such as auto page numbering, inserting actual dates and times, etc. The default Mail Merge ribbon tab can be used to work with fields (create, update, switch between field display modes).

Backend API
@(Html.DevExpress().RichEdit("DemoRichEdit") .Ribbon(r => r.ActiveTabIndex(5)) .Height(600) .ConfirmOnLosingChanges(c => c.Enabled(false)) .Open("Documents/Fields.docx") )
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc; namespace AspNetCoreDemos.RichEdit { [Route("[action]")] public class RichEditController : Controller { public IActionResult DynamicContent() { return View(); } } }