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With the DevExpress ASP.NET Core Rich Text Editor, your users can view and modify documents with rich text formatting in a browser. You can allow end-users to perform file management operations (such as creating a new document, opening an existing document or saving a document) via the corresponding ribbon command buttons. These buttons are available in the File tab of the built-in ribbon.

  • The Open button lets the user choose a file from their device storage.
  • The Save button allows users to call a custom saving logic implemented for the control. In this demo, the document is passed to the server as a base 64 string with a document's name and its format using the ExportUrl.
Backend API
@(Html.DevExpress().RichEdit("DemoRichEdit") .ExportUrl(Url.Action("Export")) .Ribbon(r => r.ActiveTabIndex(0)) .Height(600) .ConfirmOnLosingChanges(c => c.Enabled(false)) )
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc; namespace AspNetCoreDemos.RichEdit { [Route("[action]")] public class RichEditController : Controller { public IActionResult LoadAndSave() { return View(); } public IActionResult Export(string base64, string fileName, DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit.DocumentFormat format) { byte[] fileContents = System.Convert.FromBase64String(base64); return Ok(); } public IActionResult DocumentProtection() { return View(); } } }