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Grid Lines and Tree Lines

By design, the DevExpress, Moderno, Mulberry, Metropolis, iOS, Material and Office 2010 themes do not display tree lines and grid lines within the ASPxTreeList. Switch to a different theme to view and manipulate tree and grid line settings in this demo.

CollapseCorporate HeadquartersMonterey(408) 555-1234
 CollapseSales and MarketingSan Francisco(415) 555-1234
   Field Office: CanadaToronto(416) 677-1000
   Field Office: East CoastBoston(617) 555-4234
  CollapsePacific Rim HeadquartersKuaui(808) 555-1234
    Field Office: SingaporeSingapore(606) 555-5486
    Field Office: JapanTokyo(707) 555-1526
   MarketingSan Francisco(415) 555-1234
  FinanceMonterey(408) 555-1234
 CollapseEngineeringMonterey(408) 555-1234
  CollapseConsumer Electronics Div.Burlington, VT(802) 555-1234
    Software DevelopmentMonterey(408) 555-1234
  CollapseSoftware Products Div.Monterey(408) 555-1234
    Quality AssuranceMonterey(408) 555-1234
    Customer SupportMonterey(408) 555-1234
    Research and DevelopmentBurlington, VT(802) 555-1234
    Customer ServicesBurlington, VT(802) 555-1234

The DevExpress ASP.NET Tree List (ASPxTreeList) provides multiple options that control the visibility of:

  • border;
  • tree lines;
  • grid lines.

In this demo, toggle the Show tree lines and Show control's border check boxes to show/hide the tree lines and border, respectively.

The ASPxTreeList provides multiple gridline styles. It can render horizontal or vertical lines only, or both horizontal and vertical lines. This is controlled by the Settings.GridLines property.

In this demo, use the 'Grid lines' combo box to select the required gridline style.