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Column Chooser

  • Column Chooser
CollapseCorporate Headquarters$1,000,000.00
 CollapseSales and Marketing$22,000.00
   Field Office: Canada$500,000.00
   Field Office: East Coast$500,000.00
  CollapsePacific Rim Headquarters$600,000.00
    Field Office: Singapore$300,000.00
    Field Office: Japan$500,000.00
  CollapseConsumer Electronics Div.$1,150,000.00
    Software Development$40,000.00
  CollapseSoftware Products Div.$1,200,000.00
    Quality Assurance$48,000.00
    Customer Support$38,000.00
    Research and Development$460,000.00
    Customer Services$850,000.00

In this demo, click the Column Chooser button to show/hide the Column Chooser window.

The Column Chooser displays hidden column headers.

  • To hide a column, drag its header to the Column Chooser.
  • To make a column visible, drag its header from the Column Chooser back to the ASPxTreeList's column header panel.

Use the EnableCustomizationWindow property to specify the Column Chooser window visibility.

The Column Chooser can be managed on the client side using the following client-side API provided by ASPxTreeList.

For detailed information, please see the ASPxTreeList's help documentation.