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Manual Summary Calculation

Collapse Corporate HeadquartersMonterey$1,000,000.00
 Collapse Sales and MarketingSan Francisco$22,000.00
    Field Office: CanadaToronto$500,000.00
    Field Office: East CoastBoston$500,000.00
  Collapse Pacific Rim HeadquartersKuaui$600,000.00
     Field Office: SingaporeSingapore$300,000.00
     Field Office: JapanTokyo$500,000.00
      Selected: $0.00
    MarketingSan Francisco$1,500,000.00
     Selected: $0.00
 Collapse EngineeringMonterey$1,100,000.00
  Collapse Consumer Electronics Div.Burlington, VT$1,150,000.00
     Software DevelopmentMonterey$40,000.00
      Selected: $0.00
  Collapse Software Products Div.Monterey$1,200,000.00
     Quality AssuranceMonterey$48,000.00
     Customer SupportMonterey$38,000.00
     Research and DevelopmentBurlington, VT$460,000.00
     Customer ServicesBurlington, VT$850,000.00
      Selected: $0.00
     Selected: $0.00
    Selected: $0.00
   SELECTED: $0.00

The DevExpress ASP.NET Tree List (ASPxTreeList) enables you to manually implement custom aggregate functions or calculate summary values using a custom algorithm. Custom summaries allow you to do the following.

  • Calculate summaries against nodes that meet specific criteria
  • Involve multiple data fields in calculations
  • Implement complex summary functions

To calculate summaries manually, set the summary item's SummaryType property to Custom, and handle the CustomSummaryCalculate event.

In this demo, the summary for the budget of selected departments is calculated.