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Basic Chart Integration

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The chart showing Beverages series, Grains/Cereals series, Grand Total series.
Chart Settings

The ASPxPivotGrid allows visualizing data displayed in the Pivot Grid using the XtraCharts Suite. By default, the WebChartControl displays all data of the ASPxPivotGrid control.

If you chart data horizontally, the WebChartControl uses row values as series and column values as arguments, or vice versa if you want to visualize data vertically. To specify how data is interpreted in a chart, use the PivotGridOptionsChartDataSourceBase.ProvideDataByColumns property. In this demo, this can be done via a configuration checkbox.

To exclude totals from the chart, turn off the PivotGridOptionsChartDataSourceBase.ProvideColumnGrandTotals, PivotGridOptionsChartDataSourceBase.ProvideRowGrandTotals and similar options.

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