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Customer Reports

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This demo includes a set of reports which allows you analyze the same business data in different forms. Use the Radio buttons to switch between the reports.

  • Customers In this report the ASPxPivotGrid control summarizes the orders made by customers in a specific time period. The quantities ordered are given for each quarter and for each product which was bought by a customer.
  • Top 2 Products In this report the ASPxPivotGrid lists the two most popular products for each customer (the ones which generated the most interest). Clicking the 'Product Name' field header reverses the current sort order and the control will show you the least popular products for each customer.
  • Top 10 Customers The ASPxPivotGrid control lists the top 10 customers, who purchased the most items. Clicking the 'Customer' field header reverses the sort order and displays the customers who purchased the least amount of items.