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Custom Chart Integration

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The chart showing Camembert Pierrot series, Flotemysost series, Geitost series, Gorgonzola Telino series, Gudbrandsdalsost series, Mascarpone Fabioli series, Mozzarella di Giovanni series, Queso Cabrales series, Queso Manchego La Pastora series, Raclette Courdavault series.
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This demo illustrates how to customize data, passed from an ASPxPivotGrid to a Chart Control.

The ASPxPivotGrid provides the capability to choose whether it's necessary to pass field values to the Chart as strings or as values, thus preserving initial data types. So, in the column area field group, date-time field values are passed to the Chart as date-time values. The Chart can show data using a lot of measure units: Year, Quarter and Month, and can calculate integrals for every unit. Collapsing a column field in a column field group increases the data scale, thus decreasing the number of available chart measure units.

In addition, the ASPxPivotGrid provides the capability to customize every field and cell value passed to the chart control. This demo contains three rules of exporting row field values: 'ProductName' and 'Category/ProductName' as strings and 'Encoded Product Category' by alphabetical encoding as characters. Cell value exporting in this demo is customized to skip values that are less than the specified threshold value.

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