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If an OLAP cube contains KPI (key performance indicator) information, the ASPxPivotGrid can automatically recognize it and display it in an appropriate format. This demo displays a sample report for the Internet Revenue KPI from the Adventure Works sample cube.

Each KPI in an OLAP cube has corresponding measures for its value, goal, trend, status and weight. You can obtain these measures at design time using the field's FieldName property. If you don't know their names, call the GetOLAPKPIMeasures method.

Once you create a field for a KPI measure, you can place it to the pivot grid's data area and use as a standard data field.

Each KPI status and trend values have associated graphics that can be specified using the PivotGridField.KPIGraphic property. In this demo the required images can be specified via the 'Status Graphics' and 'Trend Graphics' combo boxes.

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