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Maps Integration

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The Bing Maps service provides the capability to display sales reports on a map. The maps provide a JavaScript API to display maps, locate countries and businesses, and create pushpin indicators.

To send report data from the server to the client side, use the CustomJsProperties event. This event automatically serializes dictionary and list-typed property data, without any additional efforts.

These properties can be accessed on the client side as follows: [PivotGrid ClientInstanceName].[PropertyName]

To display a sales report on a map, create a new instance of the SalesMap class and use the SalesMap.ShowMap method. Its parameters are the following:

  • mapContainerId - id of a map container element;
  • salesPerCountry - dictionary of country:sales pairs;
  • loadingPanel - instance of a LoadingPanel client instance;

Note that all parameters are mandatory.

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