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OLAP Multiple KPI

KPI Name Value Goal Status Trend
Internet Revenue$29,358,677.22$29,358,677.22NeutralNo Change

This demo demonstrates how to obtain OLAP KPI values from the server and display them outside the ASPxPivotGrid control in a table.

In this demo, we have created an invisible ASPxPivotGrid object. The GetOLAPKPIList method is used to obtain the list of KPIs defined in the OLAP cube. KPI values are obtained using the GetOLAPKPIValue method. Finally we display these values in a table.

Since KPI supports graphic representation for its Status and Trend values, we replaced these values with images. OLAP supports 12 graphic sets such as shapes, smiley faces, traffic lights, etc. In this demo, we display images defined on the server. To get these images, call the GetOLAPKPIServerGraphic method. Individual KPI images can be obtained via the GetKPIImage method.

Note: To use KPI images, the ASPxPivotGrid object must exist in the controls hierarchy on the page.