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Top Values


This example demonstrates the Top N Values feature of the ASPxPivotGrid control. For any column field or row field you can specify how many values should be displayed and used to calculate summaries. Thus you can only select the most significant values and ignore less important information. In this example, the ASPxPivotGrid control displays the specified number of values for the selected field. Note that the values in this field are sorted against the values in the 'Order Amount' field.

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Local Copy of this Demo
To inspect the source code for this demo on your machine, you must first install our components via the DevExpress Component Installer.
You can open a local copy of this online demo directly from this webpage (if using v20.2.8, 21.1.4 or higher).
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The source code files for this demo are installed (by default) in the following directories:
\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos XX.X\Components\ASP.NET\CS\ASPxPivotGridDemos
\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos XX.X\Components\ASP.NET\VB\ASPxPivotGridDemos