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Adaptive Layout

The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) allows you to build adaptive or responsive page layouts with ease. The control can automatically resize or hide grid data when the browser window is resized. The layout behavior can be customized by using the SettingsAdaptivity property.

In this demo, the grid provides an adaptive layout, which is enabled by setting the AdaptivityMode property to HideDataCellsWindowLimit.

In adaptive mode, the Grid View automatically changes its layout when the browser window inner width is less than or equal to the value specified by the HideDataCellsAtWindowInnerWidth property. In this case, the control content is reordered into one column containing adaptive detail rows. The column headers are displayed above the data.

In this demo, the Grid View changes its layout when the browser window width is less than 780 pixels.

You can try Grid View with a responsive layout in the Responsive Layout demo.