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First Name 
Last Name 
Birth Date 
Hire Date 
EditNancyDavolio12/8/1948Sales Representative5/1/1992
EditAndrewFuller2/19/1952Vice President, Sales8/14/1992
 JanetLeverling8/30/1963Sales Representative4/1/1992
EditMargaretPeacock9/19/1937Sales Representative5/3/1993
EditStevenBuchanan3/4/1955Sales Manager10/17/1993
EditMichaelSuyama7/2/1963Sales Representative10/17/1993
EditRobertKing5/29/1960Sales Representative1/2/1994
EditLauraCallahan1/9/1958Inside Sales Coordinator3/5/1994
EditAnneDodsworth1/27/1966Sales Representative11/15/1994

The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) ships with an intuitive and easy-to-use Edit Form for inline data editing (editing underlying column values within the grid container). The Edit Form allows you to specify the order of the individual editors displayed within it, and control the placement of the new item row.

In this demo, the ASPxGridView uses a built-in Edit Form to modify cell values. The Edit Form displays editors with corresponding data column captions. The 'Show Memo at Bottom' check box controls the position of the 'Notes' column within the Edit Form. Toggle the 'Show new item row at bottom' check box to change the position of the new item row within the ASPxGridView.

To modify the arrangement of individual editors within the Edit Form, use the data column's EditFormSettings property.