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Data Filter Row

Product Name 
Category Name 
Quantity Per Unit 
Unit Price 
Reorder Level 
ChaiBeverages10 boxes x 20 bags$18.0010 
ChangBeverages24 - 12 oz bottles$19.0025 
Aniseed SyrupCondiments12 - 550 ml bottles$10.0025 
Chef Anton's Cajun SeasoningCondiments48 - 6 oz jars$22.000 
Chef Anton's Gumbo MixCondiments36 boxes$21.350 
Grandma's Boysenberry SpreadCondiments12 - 8 oz jars$25.0025 
Uncle Bob's Organic Dried PearsProduce12 - 1 lb pkgs.$30.0010 
Northwoods Cranberry SauceCondiments12 - 12 oz jars$40.000 
Mishi Kobe NikuMeat/Poultry18 - 500 g pkgs.$97.000 
IkuraSeafood12 - 200 ml jars$31.000 
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The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) provides a number of easy-to-use data filtering options. The filter row allows end-users to filter data by entering text within its cells.

In this example, you can filter against the values stored within the underlying dataset by entering the appropriate filter criteria in the cells displayed below individual column headers.

The FilterRowMode combo box allows you to choose between two filter modes.

  • In Auto filter mode, the filter is applied on the fly when an end-user types text in a row.
  • In OnClick filter mode, the filter is applied by clicking the Apply button, which is displayed in a command column.

For total control over the values returned by the filter row, an optional filter row menu displays a list of filter conditions for a given search operation. This demo includes a Show Filter Row Menu check box. Once enabled, you can view this menu and apply one of the nine filter conditions to restrict your search results.

Set the Settings.ShowFilterRow property to true to display the filter row within the ASPxGridView.

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