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Day Max 
Day Min 
Last Updated 
MSFT37.95 0.00 % 37.9536.0606:35:12
INTC26.55 6.86 % 26.5524.8506:35:12
CSCO22.99 0.00 % 22.9922.6406:35:12
SIRI3.71 0.00 % 3.753.6906:35:12
AAPL586.73 0.00 % 586.73540.4206:35:12
HOKU0.00 0.00 % 0.000.0006:35:12
ORCL38.11 0.00 % 38.5237.8006:35:12
AMAT17.61 0.00 % 17.6917.4706:35:12
YHOO40.80 0.00 % 40.8038.8606:35:12
LVLT31.85 0.00 % 34.2531.8506:35:12
DELL20.63 0.00 % 26.6414.3806:35:12
GOOG1155.53 -0.70 % 1164.001151.3006:35:12
Note: The quote values are generated for the demonstration purpose only.

The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) can address a wide range of business use-case scenarios, and offers complete control over the data source displayed within it – be it a static collection or a web service providing live data.

In this demo, the ASPxGridView displays dynamic data that is refreshed every 2 seconds. The grid control is bound to an ObjectDataSource control that provides randomly generated stock quotes (Quote objects). Once every 2 seconds, the grid control is updated via its Refresh client method to visualize changes (the Change property of the Quote objects). To display an appropriate image indicator next to a percent change value, a template is used for the Change column (see the DataItemTemplate property in the demo's ASPX markup file). To access a Quote object displayed within a grid row, the grid control's GetRow function is called (see the GetIconImageUrl, GetIconImageVisibility, and GetPercentageText methods in the code-behind file).