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Custom Command Buttons

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Edit New CloneNancyDavolio12/8/1948Sales Representative5/1/1992
Edit New CloneAndrewFuller2/19/1952Vice President, Sales8/14/1992
Edit New CloneJanetLeverling8/30/1963Sales Representative4/1/1992
Edit New CloneMargaretPeacock9/19/1937Sales Representative5/3/1993
Edit New CloneStevenBuchanan3/4/1955Sales Manager10/17/1993
Edit New CloneMichaelSuyama7/2/1963Sales Representative10/17/1993
Edit New CloneRobertKing5/29/1960Sales Representative1/2/1994
Edit New CloneLauraCallahan1/9/1958Inside Sales Coordinator3/5/1994
Edit New CloneAnneDodsworth1/27/1966Sales Representative11/15/1994

The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) supports Command columns, which in turn display custom buttons within individual command cells, the filter row, etc. You can create your own custom buttons and define custom actions for them.

A command column maintains custom buttons within the CustomButtons collection. Each button has a unique identifier (ID). Buttons can display an image or text.

To define an action for a custom button, handle the ASPxGridView’s CustomButtonCallback event. This event is raised after a custom button has been clicked by the end-user. Use the event parameter’s buttonID property to identify the button currently being clicked.

This demo describes how to create and display custom command buttons within the ASPxGridView. A custom command button ('Clone') and standard command buttons ('Edit', 'New', 'Update', 'Cancel') are used. All command buttons are represented by custom images that are able to display tooltips. Tooltips are defined via the Image.Tooltip property of the command button.