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Exporting to Different Formats

  • Export to PDF
  • Export to XLS
  • Export to XLSX
  • Export to DOCX
  • Export to RTF
  • Export to CSV
Product Name Ascending
Company Name 
Order Date 
Product Amount 
ExpandProduct Name: Alice Mutton (Sum=$30,911.40, Count=37)
ExpandProduct Name: Aniseed Syrup (Sum=$3,230.00, Count=12)
ExpandProduct Name: Boston Crab Meat (Sum=$17,876.61, Count=41)
ExpandProduct Name: Camembert Pierrot (Sum=$45,851.72, Count=51)
ExpandProduct Name: Carnarvon Tigers (Sum=$31,465.63, Count=27)
ExpandProduct Name: Chai (Sum=$9,990.90, Count=38)
ExpandProduct Name: Chang (Sum=$20,572.63, Count=44)
ExpandProduct Name: Chartreuse verte (Sum=$10,315.98, Count=30)
ExpandProduct Name: Chef Anton's Cajun Seasoning (Sum=$9,409.40, Count=20)
ExpandProduct Name: Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix (Sum=$5,687.21, Count=10)
 Count=2,155 Sum=$1,233,520.14
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Note: If you export grouped data to RTF, be sure to open the resulting file with an editor that fully supports RTF, including tables. For instance, Microsoft WordPad does not support this feature, and thus the file may appear corrupt.

The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) allows you to export data with ease. Data can be exported to a file or stream in the following formats:

Note that in this demo, export to table formats (XLS, XLSX, and CSV) is performed in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode. Therefore, the table formatting, e.g., grouping, is lost and grid summaries are converted to strings. However, you can maintain such information by exporting grid data in the DataAware mode. You can see this functionality in the Excel Data Aware Export demo.