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Group Summary Totals

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City Ascending
Company Name 
Unit Price 
ExpandCountry: Argentina (Sum=$8,119.10, Count=34)
CollapseCountry: Austria (Sum=$139,496.63, Count=125)
 ExpandCity: Graz (Sum=$113,236.68, Count=102)
 ExpandCity: Salzburg (Sum=$26,259.95, Count=23)
ExpandCountry: Belgium (Sum=$35,134.98, Count=56)
ExpandCountry: Brazil (Sum=$114,968.48, Count=203)
ExpandCountry: Canada (Sum=$55,334.10, Count=75)
ExpandCountry: Denmark (Sum=$34,782.25, Count=46)
ExpandCountry: Finland (Sum=$19,778.45, Count=54)
ExpandCountry: France (Sum=$85,498.76, Count=184)
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Group Summaries are the value of an aggregate function calculated across all data rows within a group.

In this example, the DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) is grouped against the Country and City columns. Group Summaries are computed for Unit Price (Sum) along with the total count of all rows within the data group. The summary values are automatically displayed within individual group rows.

The ASPxGridView stores its group summaries within the GroupSummary collection. Individual items are represented by ASPxSummaryItem objects.