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Company Name Not filtered
Country Not filtered
City Not filtered
Unit Price Not filtered
Quantity Not filtered
Discount Not filtered
Total Not filtered
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$13.25405 %$503.50
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$21.50200 %$430.00
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$43.90200 %$878.00
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$10.0060 %$60.00
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$18.00150 %$270.00
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$45.601525 %$513.00
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$18.002125 %$283.50
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$12.00225 %$18.00
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$55.00150 %$825.00
Alfreds FutterkisteGermanyBerlin$13.00220 %$20.80
Count=2,155     Sum=$1,265,793.04
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Set the ShowHeaderFilterButton property to true to show Excel-style filter buttons in column headers. Click a header filter button to display a pop-up window that lists unique values in the column and allows you to apply the filter criteria.

Use a column’s Mode property to specify the filter mode:

  • In List mode, the pop-up window displays a regular list of items that allows users to select a single value.
  • In CheckedList mode, the pop-up window displays a check box list that allows users to select multiple values.
  • DateRangeCalendar and DateRangePicker modes are available for date columns only. You can try these modes in the Date Range Header Filter demo.

Handle the HeaderFilterFillItems event to create custom filter criteria. In this demo, you can see custom values in the 'Total' and 'Quantity' columns' header filters.

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