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CollapseCountry: Argentina
 EditPatricio SimpsonCactus Comidas para llevarBuenos Aires 
  Sergio GutiérrezRancho grandeBuenos Aires 
 EditYvonne MoncadaOcéano Atlántico Ltda.Buenos Aires 
CollapseCountry: Austria
 EditGeorg PippsPiccolo und mehrSalzburg 
 EditRoland MendelErnst HandelGraz 
CollapseCountry: Belgium
 EditCatherine DeweyMaison DeweyBruxelles 
 EditPascale CartrainSuprêmes délicesCharleroi 

The DevExpress Grid View extension for ASP.NET MVC provides support for right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. To switch the GridView extension to a right-to-left display, you will need to enable a single grid property - RightToLeft. When this property is enabled, the text flows from right to left, and the layout of most grid UI elements is reversed.

If you need to apply a right-to-left display for all DevExpress web controls within your web application, you can enable a specific configuration option within the web.config file, rather than change the RightToLeft property for each component. This option is rightToLeft, which can be accessed within the settings group of the devExpress section in the web.config file.